I'm Emanuela ❀

I’m a freelance Graphic
and Web Designer.
But I’m also a human being.
Scroll down…I’ll tell you
something more about me!

You were wild once, don't let them tame you

Isadora Duncan

This is my mantra.
I’m a simple, honest and always sincere girl.
I learned to be positive and I like to dream big.
Because you can’t know how it will turn out, until you really try!

About me.

For 12 years I worked as fashion designer
for a big italian fashion company.

From 2019 I create WordPress websites
and visual identities for small, unique businesses.

> Why did I change my life?
My dream was to travel and to work at the same time. So I decided to become a freelance:
I prepared a good strategy, studied a lot and started my new job with passion and commitment.

macro soffioni natura bloomie social media asti
Emanuela Bloomie ragazza con mazzo di fiori bianchi e maglia gialla

What a Graphic and Web Designer really does?

A Graphic Designer is a professional that helps you to design
your brand logo and your visual identity.

A Web Designer projects and creates tailored websites
for your business or your brand.

[But I can do more for you!]

Tazza di caffe con mani e fiori Emanuela Bloomie Asti

About me. Nice to meet you!

My biggest passion is to travel. I never get tired of exploring and I’d like
to see the entire world. I travel alone, by feet or with my motorhome.
I already visited 35 countries and 4 continents.

I feel fine when I’m in the middle of nature.
I’m not fond of too crowded places and I’d like to live by the sea.

I like long journeys on foot and warm climates.

If you offer me a hot tea, some fresh strawberries
or a handmade tiramisù…you’ll make me happy!

Why Bloomie?

Bloomie was born for those who believe that good things
don’t happen by chance. And for those who, like me,
believe in the realization of their own dreams.

To bloom in English means ‘to flower, to blossom’ and it’s a term I love
as a symbol of rebirth, even after a dark or tough time.

That is why my main goal is to help freelance, self-employed, entrepreneur or creative women (like me) to develop
their online business
and achieve professional fulfilment!

emanuela angiolillo social media manager visual designer bloomie asti


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ragazza con in mano mazzo di fiori bianchi


Hello! I’m a freelance
Graphic & Web Designer
I’m based in Italy but I work
with customers worldwide.
I’m here to design your brand
and create your WordPress
or e-commerce.

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